Fiat Lex: A Dictionary Podcast

My Blue God: Hard Words

June 28, 2018

Lexicographers have a tweaked view of the language, and that includes hard words. No, not those hard words, like “koinonia” and “marocain” (Spelling Bee shoutout!). It's the small words are the ones that make lexicographers weep. Steve and Kory take a look back at some of the hard words they've defined, and along the way, Steve talks parts of speech and forks up the conversation in the best possible way. Kory drops some nerd history about Latin and dictionaries, as she is wont to do. Colors are invoked (with an assist by Steve Martin), as are the Muppets, and God shows up as well. And we learn that Steve should have been a cartographer while Kory freaks out about directions.


P45! Multiple appearances thereof and the dirty secret behind it. 

- Goofus calls us “lower-class slobs”; Gallant says we “had humble beginnings.”

- Mispronunciation Index: one. Just the one.


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