Fiat Lex: A Dictionary Podcast

Allsorts 2: “Match Game” Wednesday [EXPLICIT]

November 8, 2018

Continuing last episode's discussion on copyediting dictionaries, Charles Nelson Reilly (played by Steve) and Brett Somers (played by Kory) talk a bit about how online dictionaries are edited and maintained. Steve mentions some of the edits to the new American Heritage online, and then the podcast quickly devolves from there into a discussion of all the "shit" words (and shit words) that Steve and Kory entered into their respective dictionaries this year. There were actual reasons for the additions.

Then to bring Season 1 of Fiat Lex to a close, we return to provide you, dear listeners, with book recommendations for all your loved ones this gift-giving season! Steve gives mad props to Lynne Murphy's The Prodigal Tongue and Jack Lynch's You Could Look It Up, while Kory enthuses about Lindsay Rose Russell's Women and Dictionary-Making and Jez Burrow's Dictionary Stories. We'll list more on our Twitter account during the next month!

- Intrepid Engineer Josh speaks! Now let him get back to setting levels, please?
- Inside baseball about how the new words for those "new words!" stories get chosen. 
- OCELOTS? OCELOTS. Rabbits. CATS. Welcome to Mutual of Omaha's WILD KINGDOM.
- Tired or Wired: Babies not born on Patriot's Day.  
- Dictionaraoke! Now dead, just like the ca. 1996 website it was modeled on, but still cherished


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