Fiat Lex: A Dictionary Podcast

Allsorts 1

August 28, 2018

all·sorts ('ôl-ˌsôrts) noun plural : a mixture of assorted confections (such as licorice); often used figuratively

Today's episode is an assortment of colorful treats that, like licorice allsorts, stick unpleasantly to your teeth and coat your tongue with a weird film! In a figurative way. Steve and Kory dig into the mailbag and answer YOUR QUESTIONS about crowdsourced dictionaries, reading rooms, raisins, the plum brandies of central Europe, multilingual dictionaries they love, and lung diseases.

- Steve and Kory went on the tee-vee and you can watch the fruits of their lexicographical labors here.
- SPACE GHOST guest appearances (sort of).
- Learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in Yiddish! 
- Mispronunciation Index: none that we caught, but do let us know how very wrong we are!

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